Welcome to Burnett Affordable Buildings

Burnett Affordable Buildings is a small family owned business. Established in 2008. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Building the best quality building available on the market. Using the highest quality materials available. Even though we do all the above, we are able to build a quality building at an affordable price.

Our Quality 

Painted Buildings comes standard with Smart Panel Siding.
Our Stained Buildings comes standard with T1-11 Siding.
On our painted buildings we caulk and spackle every joint and nail. Using a high Quality Sherwin Williams paint and stain.
Your building comes standard with 35 year Architect Shingles or 45 year Metal Roof. All exposed nails are galvanized and ring shanked. (we don’t use staples which will pull loose when the wood expands and contracts).

Floor Structure

4 x 6 pressure treated notched skids which makes our floor 50% stronger. 2 x 6 pressure treated joist on 16″ center, and 3/4″ tongue and groove Advan-Tech which will not shrink and leave gaps in flooring.
Framing, 2 x 4 studs on 16″ center. and 2 x 4 Trusses on 24″ center. Truss manufactured with truss plate, not OSB gussett.